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About us



        Some years ago we came to the fascinating Ecuador in South America. 
     On our trips through this country we have come to know not only the natural
     beauty of this country but also the cradle of the famous Panama hat
- Montecristi.
     So we came into contact with some of the very few Master hatters, who still know

this legendary craftmanship.
     We mantain very close business contact to this families and work without any      

     And that is the reason why we are in the position to offer fair prices independent
     from the prices of the Panama hats on the world market.

 Hutflechterin in Montecristi
  Hat weaver from Montecristi

       What is so special about our hats?
      Our Panama hats are not held on stock. Once we receive your order, our hatmaker in Montecristi select the right body.
      Then the body is steamed, blocked and finally decorated with the desired hatband.
      Our Panama hats are "freshly" pressed, so to say.
You can feel the difference - they are suppler and more flexible.


                      The city of Montecristi  - In the background its landmark, the mountain of Montecristi.