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                                        Original Panama hat from Montecristi, Ecuador    -    Direct Shipment

                     You are looking for the Original Panama hat? You will get from us the Genuine Panama hat from Ecuador.
                              We are located in Montecristi - stand in direct contact with the master weavers of this legendary craftmanship.
                                                                                                                                 We ship directly from Montecristi to you at home!

Our standard qualities

Our bestseller

Panama hat Óptimo superfino

Óptimo - Superfino

335,00 EUR

16,50 EUR
- Kopie

- Kopie

10,00 EUR
Panama hat Diamante fino regular

Diamante - Fino regular

179,00 EUR
Clásico - Fino regular

Clásico - Fino regular

179,00 EUR
Havana - Fino

Havana - Fino

229,00 EUR
Panama hat "Havana - green" - Kopie - Kopie

Panama hat "Havana - green"...

159,00 EUR
Panama Hat Trévil superfino

Trévil - Superfino

335,00 EUR
Panama hat Gambler fino fino

Gambler - Fino fino

279,00 EUR

Find a wide selection of hat models

        Clásico, Trevil, Diamante, Havana, Óptimo y Gambler ..
and hatbands
     black, anthracite, café, chocolate, mahagony ..

Choose between 4 different fineness of weave
      Fino regular, Fino, Fino fino, Superfino ..


Panama hats, Clásico, Diamante, Havana



                 What is so special about our hats? Our Panama hats are not held on stock.
                 Once we receive your order, our hatmaker in Montecristi select the right body. Then the body is steamed,
                 blocked and finally decorated with the desired hatband. Our Panama hats are "freshly" pressed, so to say.
                 You can feel the difference - they are suppler and more flexible.